Majlis Ilmu 2019, Brunei Darussalam
Majlis Ilmu 2019, Brunei Darussalam
His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei, visited Mint Foods booth during the recent Majlis Ilmu 2019 at Bangunan Balai Pameran Islam Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (BPISHHB)
Welcome to Mint Foods & Spices
Welcome to Mint Foods & Spices
We Use Authenticated High Quality Spices And Herbs With Home Made Recipes
Our food welcomes you
Our food welcomes you
No Ajinamoto being used in any of our recipes and foods

Mint Foods & Spices

​Mint Foods & Spices, is a fast growing Halal Global Food outlet chain based in India and Brunei Darussalam. ​At ​Mint Foods & Spices, we simply strive to make dishes prepared from ingredients that are halal fresh and personally curated to bring pleasure with every bite. ​Our rich and diverse cooking style with an equally diverse amount of ingredients, that is Halal is what makes us so special and endearing.



  • Mint Foods and Spices Restaurant is a Great Value for Money.
  • We Use authenticated High Quality Spices and herbs with Home Made recipes.
  • We Don’t use Ajinamoto in any of our recipes and Foods.
  • We use Specially Made Charcoal Stove to Cook Indian Breads, Kebabs and Tandoori and Special Gravies.
  • Mint Foods are naturally tasted and No artificial Coloring.

About Us

Providing Halal Foods

​Mint Foods and Spices Restaurant is the brain child of Mr. Sheik Mukthar, an aspiring, globe trotting entrepreneur with decades of experience in Global Halal food Audit and Certification apart from providing comprehensive services viz., interior design, Providing Man Power, Specialized International Recipe etc., to global Restaurant start ups.

​Being a Connoisseur of Global cuisine himself, he has good deal of first hand experience with multiple aspects of the demands of the public craving for quality Food across geographies.

​Resolved to provide a Halal high quality and hygienic food experience with an exotic regional flavor of global cuisine at affordable costs, Mr. Mukthar came up with his concept of MINT FOODS.

​Healthy, Halal and Hygiene are the three watchwords with which MINT FOODS is rooted into.

​Since its establishment in Thajavur, Tamil Nadu, India, MINT FOODS AND SPICES, has made a huge impact, among ever growing customers and enquiries for Franchise across regions.

​No wonder with its motto to provide high quality food stuff made of naturally processed ingredients, put into scrupulous practice, MINT FOODS AND SPICES is fast becoming a well known brand with its overseas branch opening its doors to Malaysian gourmets.

​For franchise Enquiries please Call / WhatsApp : +673 872 0445 as we provide comprehensive Services and Support to aspiring .

Our Products and Services

Our product range includes a stunningly wide range of Oriental and Occidental cuisine, prepared from spices and ingredients that are of high quality, halal, healthy and hygienic to provide an ecstatic culinary experience to our patrons.

​​MINT provides franchisee outlets apart from providing fantastic consultation and ongoing support services to both aspiring and experienced restaurant entrepreneurs anywhere.

​Our Franchise Services ensure that we provide our Brand name, Experienced chefs apart from our recipes and ingredients to ensure instant and fast paced establishment of the franchise operations.

​Our franchise essentially are ready-made end to end restaurant business solutions in terms of theme, decor, concept, recipes, sourcing, staffing and instant entertainment that ensures faster and better return on investments.

​We also provide comprehensive and thoroughly professional assistance to help kick start new Start-ups and to restore and restart existing restaurants, to turn them around, into success stories.

​​We assist Start-ups with:

​1. Concept Development
​2. Restaurant Design
​3. Menu standardization
​4. Human Resources
​5. Training
​6. Quality control
​6. Monitoring & fine tuning
​7. Scaling up
​8. Operational assistance.

​For Restaurant Turn Around we support by:

​1. Trouble shooting issues
​2. Aligning with demand
​3. Renovation of facility
​4. Revamping the Brand
​5. Monitoring turnaround

Our delicious food

"Mouth watering food only for you"

The MINT Menu

​Fresh Indian handpicked Organic Spices and herbs are traditionally pound into mouth watering masalas, that go into MINT's every single exotic Arab and South East Asian dish of our wide ranging Halal and hence hygienic and hence Healthy and delicious food varieties.

Main Course

​​Rice & Biriyani
​Vegetable Pulao
​Green Peas Pulao
​Channa Pulao
​Kashmiri Pulao
​Plain Biriyani
​Chicken Biriyani
​Mutton Biriyani
​Prawn Biriyani

Indian Breads

​Tandoori Bread (Wheat)
​Plain Naan
​Butter Naan
​Paratha (Roti Kosong)
​Plain Roti (Wheat)
​Butter Roti (Wheat)
​Lacha Paratha (Wheat)
​Egg Paratha
​Chicken Keema Paratha
​Mint Naan


Green Salad

Fresh Snacks

​Corn and Cheese Sticks(6pcs per plate)
​Vegetable Cutlet (2pcs)
​Vegetable Sandwich
Coleslaw Sandwich
​Onion Pakoda
​French Fries
​Bread Omelette
​Mint Special Chicken Sandwich
​Chicken Popcorn
​Chicken Burger

Signature Dishes

​Mint Special Herbal Juice (Baanagam)
​Mint Malai Chicken Kebab
​Mutton Seekh Kebab
​Special Fish Tikka (Semi-spicy)
​Tandoori Prawns
​Mint King Prawn Masala
​Hakka Mixed Non-Veg Fried Rice
​Ribs of Lamb (Semi gravy)
​Charcoal Tandoor Chicken


​Beef Chukka
​Beef Seekh Kebab
​Beef Dry Fry

Fried Rice / Noodles

​Vegetable Fried Rice
​Vegetable Noodles
​Egg Fried Rice
​Chicken Fried Rice
​Mutton Fried Rice
​Beef Fried Rice
​Noodles (Egg)
​Noodles (Chicken)
​Noodles (Mutton)
​Noodles (Beef)


Mutton Methi Masala
​Mughlai Mutton Gravy
​Mutton Palak
​Mutton Chettinad (Spicy)

Hot / Cold Drinks

​Tea Tarik
​Mint Special Masala Tea
​Filter Coffee
​Lemon Tea
​Mint Lemon Tea

​Starters – Vegetables

​Vegetable Seekh Kebab
​Vegetable Platter
​Chilli Mushroom
​Chilli Gobi
​Golden Fried Baby Corn


​King Fish Fry
​Herbal Prawn Fry (Tawa)
​Prawn Rings
​Fish Polichathu (cooked with Banana leaf)

Vegetable Gravy

​Dhall Fry
​Mixed Vegetable Curry
​Bhindi Masala
​Mushroom Masala
​Aloo Gobi Masala


​Beef Pasanda
​Beef Minced Masala
​Beef Khorma

Fresh Juices

​Apple Juice
​Orange Juice
​Sweet Lemon Juice/Salty Lemon Juice
​Pineapple Juice
​Carrot with Apple Juice
​Beetroot Juice

Starters – Non-Vegetables

​Chicken 65 (Deep Fry)
​Dragon Chicken (Special Spices)
​Chicken Tangri Kebab (3pcs)
​Chicken Tikka (6pcs) (Spicy)
​Chicken Seekh Kebab


Lamb Pepper Fry
​Lamb Keema Fry
​Lamb Kaloti Fry

Non-Vegetable Gravy

​Butter Chicken Masala
​Chicken Jhall Frizy (Medium spicy)
​Chicken Tikka Masala (Spicy)
​Chicken Curry with Potato
​Chicken Manchurian Gravy

Fish / Prawn

​Mint Special Fish Curry
​Butter Prawn Masala


​Sweet Lassi
​Salted Lassi
​Mango Lassi
​Strawberry Lassi


Service quality